Tuesday, August 17

FHE - Family Home Evening

There is definitely something inspired behind the Family Home Evening program of the Church. When I first heard that singles also did FHE, I wondered how that would really be effective. Family Home Evening was for families, right? FHE for singles could only be a poor substitute. Wow was I wrong.

As life got harder and school moved forward, weeks became more rushed, stressful, and ambiguous. Mondays were the epitome of stress - new assignments to work on, homework to catch up on that I didn't do Friday or Saturday, and trying to make a dent in the work load of the coming week. But I could always count on Family Home Evening. A handful of random people who meet each week, share a short lesson, sing, talk, pray, play games, and eat (junk) food did marvels for my ability to concentrate.

FHE has always been my oasis in the desert of Mondays. It's a constant close social activity where I can develop better relationships with others, make new friends, and reach out to help the people around me. It happens every week, and works as a deadline to create a focus in my schedule. If I make time to attend FHE, the Lord blesses me and helps me accomplish everything else that's on my plate.

As I face my own problems in life, FHE is one of the essentials that helps me move forward. I go and feel uplifted each week, simply by being with others. Yeah, sometimes the lessons are mediocre and the activities way below par. But that's not the purpose of Family Home Evening - at least not in my mind. In my mind, FHE simply gives me the assurance that I have a group of people who care about me - someplace I can go to learn, grow, and feel safe.

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