Saturday, August 14

Watching the Stars

The Pleiades meteor shower finishes tonight. I've always thought that meteor showers were amazing natural phenomena - shards of comet tails left behind from ten or thousands of years ago, ripping through the sky, heating up to thousands of degrees as they hurtle through the atmosphere, finally disappearing into nothing.

As I watched the sky this week, I've realized a similarity to my own life. Earth's atmosphere protects it from cosmic radiation and comet shards - but not by preventing them. Instead, it destroys threats as they arrive. If there were no atmosphere, Earth would look just like the moon - cratered, pock-marked, changed by the constant barrage of tiny particles that, over time, have destroyed its surface.

As I live the gospel, its teachings create and reinforce a shield around me. The thicker the shield, the stronger the defenses. Having a shield, though, doesn't mean there won't be problems or temptations. Are there going to be issues? Yes. Will little and big things smash against the defenses I've created? Constantly. But, as long as I've developed the resistance I need, I'll have the strength to resist each fiery dart of the adversary as it arrives in my life... and turn each one into a burst of flame, leaving behind the feeling that God really does hear and answer my prayers.


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. It helps me get through tough times.

  2. Anon: Thanks. I try to write so that my blog helps people look towards God - and then life falls into perspective. Keep reading; keep moving forward.

  3. You must have been one awesome missionary, and you still are. I have loved reading your posts. I think that they can help everyone in any circumstance. Thank you for your post. I have been able to feel the spirit in everyone of them.


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