Sunday, August 29

I love my ward

I really do love my ward. Almost everyone is totally new, which means that there are no pre-formed groups, no walls to break down, no one who is better than anyone else. We have Church and everyone participates in lessons. People sit next to each other in Sacrament meeting. Ward prayer has a massive turnout and 30 minutes later, most of the people are still there engaged in conversation. Impromptu game nights, group date ideas, pickup sport games, FHE where everyone comes, massive stake activities, and friends who are willing and able to hold a good conversation at any hour of the day or night. On another note, there are at least a half dozen girls who are interested in me (an unblinking stare during ward prayer is a sign that even a guy like me can't miss), even if I don't return the feeling. At least that gives me a few more potential contacts. I don't have any trouble dating people who want to date me - it may not work out, but it's at least worth a shot. Who knows? Maybe I'll find the right someone and sparks will fly. Either way,  I can tell that it's going to be a blast.

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  1. It's important to be in a really great ward. Eventhough I am an old married lady. (Ok... I just FEEL old because I'm turning 28 this month.) I have a great feeling in my new ward. I love the spirit that's there and there are lots of young married couples like me to talk to there. It really makes a difference.


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