Monday, August 30

Physical Resources in Overcoming Temptation

I was in a meeting the other day where the presenter talked about the importance of having resources to meet the demands that life creates. She talked about a lot of different resources - physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual - and how those resources could help us face life. I don't think she meant for her lesson to help (gay) guys who are dealing with attraction to guys, but as she spoke I thought about how those resources help me in facing temptation.

Physical resources to meet life include diet, exercise, relationships, sleep habits, and how well you take care of your body. I've been trying recently to make the most of each of those, and I can see a difference.

Mormons, as a whole, are pretty healthy eaters. I mean, we may not be super-health-nuts, but we don't drink, smoke, drink coffee or tea, or use drugs... which means that we are at least one step closer to being in control of our bodies. My interpretation of the Word of Wisdom adds to that trying to avoid added sugars, focusing on whole grains and vegetables, and eating meat only sparingly. When I eat healthily, I have more control over my body - which then translates into more control over my actions in times of duress.

Exercise is a staple in my regimen. Sometimes work or other things get in the way, but I have to exercise to stay sane. The endorphin rush, the subsequent exhaustion, everything about exercise just makes me feel in control of what is happening.

Relationships are sometimes hard for me. I have a hard time developing friendships when I know they're going to disappear. But I push myself, and it's worth it. I make new friends and find ways to help people around me... and, in helping them, I help myself.

Sleep habits. Hmmm. Since I began this blog and decided that I wanted to be super-social (and got a new calling, and work became crazy), my sleeping schedule has gone crazy. It's non-existent. I know that I function way better when I sleep regularly, though... and temptation is way less powerful when it comes during the day. I try to get eight hours of sleep, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. But if I'm asleep at night, then there are fewer issues.

Taking care of my body... I think I can do better. I mean, I think about it a lot, but there are always things I can do more. I could go to sleep on time, for example. Or find ways to eat more healthily. Or a lot of different things. Whatever I do, as I take better care of my body and develop a store of physical resources, I feel like I learn willpower, and my temptations and urges become a little bit easier to control.

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  1. I am not sure what you mean about relationships disappearing. Do you mean that specific to yourself? When someone finds out that you have same gender attraction, do they bail on you? Are you "out of the closet" in general IRL and just anonymous online? Maybe I will find the answers as I continue to read your blog which I just found today. You write well and seem incredibly charmed (sports, a nerd & the arts? you're amazing!). Thank you for your bravery. Please continue to share your life in the blogosphere.


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