Tuesday, October 12

Official Church Statement: Goodwill Can Prevail

For those interested: the Church recently posted a YouTube video, written transcript, and media-quality .mov and .mp3 clips, each expounding Church doctrine on same-sex attraction and asking people all over the world to reach out with love to those around them.

Here's the link:


I am so grateful to be alive today.


  1. I'll echo that, and add that I'm grateful for the internet that both connects us and unites us as both trusted and untrustworthy information is assimilated into our lives.

    Thank you for being a voice of courage, honesty and candor.


  2. I came across your blog because a friend posted it on FB. I just wanted to let you know how much I admire you. You are a strong example of a good LDS person and your faith in God and the Gospel is incredible. You and I don't have the same trials in life, but you remind me of the hope and faith we all should have in God and Jesus Christ. I am glad to have read a little of your story. God bless you!

  3. This statement makes me happy. I struggle so much between my desire to have others be happy and my desire to have what is right prevail. Through prayer and contemplation I think I am finally locating a medium, and trusting the Lord for the things I don't understand.

    Bottom line? I love that statement. And I'd be proud to call you mine, if I were your mom. I hope your mom is just as proud. :)

  4. I found your blog on facebook. I don't know what its like to be attracted to men but I know how you feel in high school I was called gay because I had no girlfreinds. I also have some homaphobic problems if a gay guy looks at me I run away or call homosexuals bad people. I think this blog helps lds people like me understand what you are going thru. I also think it helps lds members who have this problem get thru it. Thank you. And if you have this problem and need a friend I will stand with you.

  5. This statement from the church leaders lifted my heart because it helped me to better understand the position of the LDS church in relation to same-sex attraction. I have complete faith that, as church members, we are being led by God through the apostles and our prophet; however, I do not always completely understand the reasons some situations are approached as they are. I try to find the understanding through prayer.

    I have dear friends who have same-sex attraction and I have talked with them often about it. I have seen it handled in almost every way, some completely abandoning their beliefs, some keeping the church as their 'culture' but not as their faith, etc.

    I want to thank you for your thoughts, and for having the courage to share what you feel, and to share your testimony of the gospel of Christ. It is not a viewpoint that is often represented and I think it is eye-opening.

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you. I know that God loves all of his children, and that we are all on this journey together.

    With love,

  6. I think that you are an inspiration and example to all. I am a convert to the Church of eight years now, and some of my best friends are gay. I have a hard time connecting with members of the Church because most of them are very closed minded about things, and that is not how I was raised.

    It is a relief to know that there are those out there in the Church who are not so closed off and are willing to show love to all. Christ sat with the sinners and showed kindness to all. We are to follow his example. We are to show love and kindness to all regardless of their sexual orientation.

  7. My husband and I were talking the other day and wondering why we very rarely hear any success stories from gay men or women. And lo! and behold here you are! Thank you so much for your testimony, honesty, and strength in the gospel. Reading your blog has strengthened my testimony. You're doing very good work and a great service. Again, Thank You!

  8. You are such an inspiration to me.

    Every single time I hear somebody bash the Church over this issue, I feel like a piece of my heart has been taken out. I dwell on it for the rest of the day, and it makes me feel miserable. I feel like over the last few months, Satan has tried to take my faith away by bombarding me with negative and contentious words from my gay friends and various people on the internet.

    But reading your posts helps me retain my faith in Christ, despite whatever the world says. Your words give me the hope I need to get through the day.I don't struggle with same sex attraction, but I have struggled with doubt that the Church's stance on it is correct. It doesn't always make sense to me, but I follow it out of faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everybody else may think that this is ignorant, but how can I deny what I know is true?

    I'm reminded of the words of Nephi: "I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless I do not know the meaning of all things." Your example is nothing short of amazing. You follow the gospel because you know the Lord loves you and you love Him. Your unwavering faith testifies that Jesus Christ is our Savior and all things are possible through Him.

    Thanks for reminding me, (Gay) Mormon Guy.


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