Saturday, October 9

Official Statement on President Packer's Edits

I learned something interesting last night.

Scott Trotter, an official spokesman for the Church, commented on the edits that were made to President Packer's talk:

"The Monday following every general conference, each speaker has the opportunity to make any edits necessary to clarify differences between what was written and what was delivered or to clarify the speaker's intent. President Packer has simply clarified his intent."

I knew that the General Authorities did that for talks given in other places before publication, but I wasn't sure if the same principle applied to General Conference. Looks like it does, and that probably explains why there are a number of times I remember hearing something in Conference that didn't show up word-for-word in the transcripts. Hence the importance of "go home and re-read the talks from Conference" - it has a dual meaning. Re-read them so that you remember the principles taught, and re-read them so that you more clearly understand the intent of the speakers.


  1. Do you wonder how much of King Benjamin's conference address is according to his intents? Jacob's general conference address? Nephi's? I imagine they ALL revised and clarified before their words were entered into the official record. Goodness, Isaiah took something like 20 years to put his revelation in order before producing a written version. I kind of think it's silly to get worked up over changes from the broadcast version to the written version. Thanks for posting on this.

  2. Thanks for putting this on your blog, I read about it yesterday and it made sense. He had nothing to hide, he improved his talk in a way so his ORIGINAL intent would be clear.


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